Width: 3.3cm 



4♡ for neck size between 23-27cm

5♡ for neck size between 27-31cm

6♡ for neck size between 31-35cm

7♡ for neck size between 35-39cm

8♡ for neck size between 39-43cm

9♡ for neck size between 43-47cm

10♡ for neck size between 47-51cm


*weight starts at 60g for 4♡

ALL HEARTS Macrame and Leather Adjustable Collar

Colour of name tag
  • Material:

    3mm macrame yarn


    Zinc alloy hardware




Please enter only the exact measurement. Do not input a range. If you require a snug or loose fit, please provide the relevant measurements. We will not add or subtract from the measurements provided. The measurements provided will be the inner circumferences of the collars or harness straps. We are unable to adjust the lengths once the item is made. Drop us a message if you experience trouble measuring your dog!