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Choose your leash by length

Determining the right length of your leash is important as it ensures a safe and comfortable walk for you and your dog.

Multipurpose leash | 200 / 250cm

The longer length of our multipurpose leash allows plenty of room for your dog to explore. It can also be worn crossbody so you can be hands-free.

Best for: hiking, camping, going to the beach

Traffic leash | 55cm

The short length is designed to help you keep your dog close to you at all times. It is especially suitable for larger dogs or strong pullers. 

Best for: walks around the city or in crowded spaces

Regular leash | 120cm

This length is best for those who prefer to keep their dogs on a shorter leash, but with a safe distance for the dog to explore. 

Best for: relaxed strolls 

The Ultimate Multipurpose Leash

Multipurpose Leash

The many ways to use* our FORTIS multipurpose leash include:

  1. Use as a collar / harness attachment

  2. Wear it crossbody / around your waist

  3. Create a slip collar (move knot up as stopper) or a flat collar by moving the knot to the correct position

  4. Walk two dogs at the same time

  5. Easy dog parking

    * only applicable when the 8cm bolt snap hook is selected

Customised Paracord Leashes

Design your own leash by picking a weave that speaks to you

Our hardware

Choose a hardware type that's most suitable for you and your dog


The static load below is for reference only. The length of a leash will also affect the load. A dog can generally pull up to 2 to 3 times their weight; and even more by strong pullers.


When you pick your hardware, please take into account your dog's weight and size; activity level; use condition (whether it will be soaked in seawater or always be exposed outdoors); and your dog's behaviour (for example, circling adds a lot of pressure and abrasion to the parts of the hardware).

Choosing between zinc alloy and stainless steel: Stainless steel is an excellent choice for durability and longevity as it tends not to rust when exposed to rain or water. However, stainless steel is a lot heavier than zinc alloy, so it might not be suitable for small pets.


Choosing between swivel and non-swivel hardware: A swivel hook allows the leash to rotate as the pet moves, but the movement of swivel results in friction which may result in wear and breakage over time. Non-swivel hardware is most recommended for large dogs or dogs that pull.

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