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Customised Paracord Collars

Find the most suitable width and thickness from our range of paracord styles for your dog

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Be Chafe-Free

Our MARSHMALLOW collar is soft and doesn't rub against your dog's skin

Choosing the right collar style


Martingale collar

A martingale collar consists of a chain loop in which it closes when the collar tightens under pressure.

This type of collar is most suitable for those who are easy to slip out of a flat collar, or those with a neck bigger than the head. 

Slip collar

While a martingale collar has limited slip effect, a slip collar exerts more pressure on the dog when pulled tight. 


Head halter

Head halters provide more physical control than standard harnesses or other forms of collars. The collar should sit high on your dog's neck without putting pressure on the throat; while another strap wraps around the snout.

Flat collar

Flat collars are the most common type of collar and ideal for well-trained dogs who do not pull while walking. They are great for everyday use and to attach name tags on.


Adjustable collar

Similar to flat collars, an adjustable collar is great for relaxed dogs who don't pull, with an additional flexibility in adjusting the size. It's best for growing puppies and dogs who shed seasonally.

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