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PAPILIO Paracord Multipurpose Leash

PAPILIO Paracord Multipurpose Leash

Width: 2cm

Length: 200cm / 250cm including the hooks on both ends 

Approximate weight: 192g (200cm using 8cm snap hook)


Rings are placed at 40cm and 130cm for both 200cm and 250cm leashes. 


Use this leash in multiple ways:

1. Attach hook at different rings for various lengths

2. Wear it crossbody as a hands-free leash

3. Use it as a coupler to walk two dogs at a time

4. Use it with a front clip harness for dual-control

5. Easy tie up with hooks on both ends


You can choose up to 3 colours for this leash.



The static load listed is for reference only. The length of the leash and dog size will affect the static and dynamic load. A dog can generally pull up to 2 to 3 times their weight; and even more by strong pullers.


When you pick your hardware, please take into account your dog's weight and size; activity level; use condition; and your dog's behaviour (for instance, circling and pulling add a lot of pressure and abrasion to the parts of the hardware).


Please note stainless steel hardware is only available in silver.



    550 paracord

    Zinc alloy / stainless steel hardware


    An approximate lead time is stated on the top of our webpage.