Width: 3.5cm


With three straps, this harness functions as an escape-proof harness.


The dual buckle design on this harness means that the two chest straps are both fitted with a buckle and a leather strap with a pin buckle. The leather strap provides an extra 3-4cm buffer (3 holes) to the chest area when your doggo gets fluffy or shed. The size that you provide will rest on the second hole.



1. Neck strap (measure at the base of the neck, make sure that it's big enough for the harness to pass through the head)

2. 1st chest strap (measure right behind the front legs)

3. 2nd chest strap (measure at 7cm from the 1st chest strap)

4. Lower strap (measure at where the neck strap sits to right behind the front legs)

5. Upper back strap (measure at where the neck strap sits to right behind the front legs; it should be shorter than the lower strap)


For tips on measuring, message us or visit our sizing page.



SPISSUS Paracord and Leather Harness

Colour of name tag
  • Material:

    550 paracord


    Zinc alloy hardware



Please enter only the exact measurement. Do not input a range. If you require a snug or loose fit, please provide the relevant measurements. We will not add or subtract from the measurements provided. The measurements provided will be the inner circumferences of the collars or harness straps. We are unable to adjust the lengths once the item is made. Drop us a message if you experience trouble measuring your dog!