Choose up to 3 colours for your personalised bandana! Colours are placed at random unless specified. Each one comes with a complimentary leather name tag. 


Sizes* (height x width of triangle) & weight:

XS 10 x 12cm (36g) - recommended for mini-sized breeds such as chihuahuas, miniature dachshunds and yorkshire terriers

S 11 x 14cm (42g) - recommended for small-sized breeds such as pomeranians, standard dachshunds, schnauzers and poodles

M 12 x 18cm (51g) - recommended for medium-sized breeds such as corgis and shibas

L 15 x 23cm (75g) - recommended for large-sized breeds such as huskies, golden retreivers and standard poodles


*Measurement includes fringe. Fringe 2-3cm.



Macrame Bandana

Colour of name tag