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FLOS Macrame Adjustable Figure-8 Harness

FLOS Macrame Adjustable Figure-8 Harness

Width: 2.5cm


This figure-8 harness comprises a macrame weaved neck strap and a slip strap system chest strap connected with an O ring. There are two leash attachment points: the first one is on the O ring; the other on the D ring of the slip strap.


You have three options for the chest strap:

1. no slip - the chest strap will have one adjustable buckle

2. slip | dog walks on my left - the slip strap will be placed on the right side of the harness

3. slip | dog walks on my right- the slip strap will be placed on the left side of the harness


Currently available for small to medium-sized dogs only.


Choosing the correct size:

Please choose the size according to your measurements. For example, if the measurements provided are as below -

Head girth 32cm

Neck girth 29cm

Chest girth 42cm


The sum of the head / neck girth (whichever is greater) and the chest girth is the total strap length, which is 74cm in this example, and the size is S.


For tips on measuring, visit our sizing page.




    3mm macrame yarn

    PVC webbing

    Zinc alloy hardware



    An approximate lead time is stated on the top of our webpage.


    All items offered are made to order. We do not offer repair or remake services.

    Please understand that dog accessories are consumables. We do not repair or take return / refund for all products except for initial defects such as hardware malfunctioning; accessories not made to the requested size; or wrong items sent.

    We do not accept return / refund if the size you provided is incorrect. Message us with photos if you are unsure of the sizing before you place your order. For growing puppies, please choose adjustable styles or get in touch with us before placing your order. Please note that a small deviation may occur on all handmade items.


    Please contact us within 2 days upon the receipt of your items if you find any problems. Please also make sure that the items are unworn and unused.

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